Meditation: Path towards scientific way of life

We are made of electron, proton, and neutron. The influences of the characteristics of these constituents in our body are the influences that guide our thoughts and life. Out of electron, proton, and neutron of which we are made; proton is the positive, constructive, intelligence and good, positive inner force in our body. Neutron is the harmful, filled with anger, destruction influence and it is the negative inner force in our body.  The electron is the self-fulfilling, selfish and continuously need movement type of influence and selfish inner force in our body.

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Meditation is one of the ways we can strengthen the proton influence and inner force on our body and thoughts. If you are not meditating, then you might find it hard to keep your neutron and electron inner forces under control.

To have successful, good and safe life, an influence of Proton on our thoughts and action is an extremely important factor. Under influence of proton, people think wisely and it only brings good things in life. Proton influence develops and increases wisdom in people. It only brings positive, constructive and wise thoughts in people. They do not have to go through the training of how to think positive. It automatically comes to them. And others who go through the training of how to think positively struggle to implement those methods of thinking positive because they lack the influence of proton on their thinking and constantly struggle to pull their thoughts towards positivity.

In meditation we free the body from the action, we get into the thoughtless mind and action-less state. At this stage, we connect to consciousness. Here consciousness strengthens and increases the influence of proton on thoughts and body. Consciousness does not directly control or empower our body and thoughts. It acts through proton in our body. If you do not meditate then you do not follow the process of strengthening proton influence and you miss out on the benefits you get out of the strong influence of proton on our thoughts and body. These benefits are directly related to how good your life is.

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