Meditation is not concentration of mind

Meditation is about concentration but it is not the concentration of mind. When we read about meditation or follow meditation instructions, we hear very often that meditation is a concentration of mind. Though concentration is at the core of meditation practice there is a difference in where you concentrate. Concentration is the way we can reach the stage of meditation so it is important to know where concentrate happens.


In the process of meditation, it is important to make your mind completely thoughtless which means mind should not be in action or mind should not be working. If you remain only in your mind and keep concentrating there, you will not be able to make your mind thoughtless. You need to focus outside of your mind. It could be your breath or your overall feeling of the existence of your body. If you focus on your mind then it will run faster or magnify the actions and you will stay tangled in your thoughts and imaginations. You need to work on keeping your focus out of mind and making mind thoughtless by doing that, and while you do so, you need to stop any conscious movement of your body. Initially, it takes time for beginners to maintain this state but after continuous practice, they can easily keep their mind thoughtless without focusing anywhere out of mind.

When you get into this state of action less mind and action less body, even for few seconds, at that point you enter the state of concentration. And when you get into that state of concentration you automatically connect to consciousness. Unless you get into this state of concentration and connect to consciousness you will not be able to get the benefits of meditation.

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