Meditation Benefits and Consciousness

All the benefits that you get out of the practice of meditation are the result of getting connected to consciousness and its infinite source of power (Refer to: What is Consciousness?).

You don’t have to be a meditation champion to experience the power of meditation. You can experience it even as a beginner if you do it right.


What I mean by right is that you need to make your body and mind action-less and concentrate on the right place. Which means that you do not concentrate in your mind rather you focus outside the mind, on your breath or feel of your body’s existence and get yourself into an action-less state.

In this action-less state, you automatically start going deeper to where you feel the connection with your inner consciousness. Even as a beginner you can succeed in connecting to consciousness for few seconds while you are learning to practice meditation. And those few seconds of connection to consciousness also gives you the glimpse of the power of meditation.

 So if you are able to connect to consciousness in your first day of meditation you will experience the benefits of it.

If you have just started learning meditation then gradually you will start experiencing some benefits of meditation like getting hold of your thoughts, having a calmer mind, feeling more grounded and strong because you will not constantly stay in your mind, feeling more energetic, improving your concentration, and sleeping better at night. There are many other benefits that you will start noticing if you make conscious efforts.

You don’t have to try experiencing what other’s are experiencing and try to find those things as a result of your practice of meditation. Each one of us has different problems and life so the initial benefits will show up in many different ways just observe closely. Those are just small signals that you are connecting to consciousness.

As a beginner, if you do not see any benefit out of meditation yet, then don’t worry and keep working on it. It may take time for your mind and body to learn how to be action-less and to get into the state where you connect to consciousness, then you also need to practice staying in that action-less state.

All the best. Post your questions and I will be happy to share more details.

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