What is Consciousness?


The word consciousness we usually understand it as being aware of the surrounding. It is limited to the living things that are alive and experiencing the world around. However, here we are not using the word consciousness from that perspective.

There is much greater and profound meaning to the word consciousness in the study of the subject of consciousness. There are many books written on this subject. Here is the definition of consciousness from the book, ‘Consciousness: The origin of the universe’ by Madhukar Sonawane.

Definition of Consciousness:

“Consciousness is dimensionless, density less, indestructible, irreproducible, and an eternal existence. It is a creator and the building block of energy, matter, all subatomic particles and everything that exists in the universe, so it is omnipresent. It has formed all the laws, structures and existences. It controls, directs and coordinates, directly or indirectly in all that exists. It is the intelligence that runs the universe so it is omniscient. It abides by its own laws and principles and acts through the principles, characteristics, and limitations of the existence in which it resides. In human beings, consciousness is in the most expressed form”.

That is how profound the meaning and the existence of consciousness is. Because everything in the universe including proton, neutron, electron are made of consciousness at the fundamental level, we are also made of consciousness. The way proton is structured or designed in the universe, it can connect to the consciousness and has access to its omnipresent and omniscient existence. That is the most important reason proton is the intelligence in the atom and it defines the type of atom. Having proton personality ( refer to Read: Types of personalities based on proton, neutron, and Electron) means you get connected to that profound and complete source of knowledge and power in the universe. That is the reason when you are under the influence of proton you make right decisions, you get right thoughts and right things happen in your life. So your life constantly remains in the category of ‘good’ and ‘positive’.

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