Proton, Neutron, Electron influences rule our lives

Everything that happens in the universe, every single thing that we do in our life, every action, every thought, every result of our decision and every situation we land in, and every relationship we have, absolutely everything have the scientific laws and principles working behind it. The success and failure of all those things depend on those scientific laws and principles.


We all are made of atoms which mean we have trillions and trillions of protons, neutrons, and electrons in our body. For e.g. Abraham Lincon’s statue made of iron will have all the characteristic of an iron and it will behave like iron and not like Mr. Lincon. Similarly, we all look different but we all are made electron, proton, neutron. So our behavior and characteristics reflect the characteristics of these fundamental constituents.

Our lives are ruled by the characteristics of proton, neutron, and electron. In living things like us, these characteristics are very vivid and expressive because our body is designed for that.

If you categorize the things that happen in our life, the type of thoughts and behavior of people on very high but fundamental level then you can categorize them in three.  Good or positive, bad or negative and absence of both or neutral.

We get highly affected by the good and bad categories of things that happen in our lives and we make the relentless effort throughout our life to stay in the category of good. We all want good things to happen in our lives, we want good thoughts, good feelings, good decision, good behavior, good health, good relationships and good results. Everything is good and positive in this category. This category is the result of the influence of the characteristics of the proton. Which only work towards bringing positive means good things in life. (For more details ref to Types of personalities based on proton, neutron, and Electron Influences)

The second category is the one we avoid the most in life. The category of bad or negative things. We all constantly try to keep bad and negative things away from us. We do not want bad thoughts, bad feelings, bad decisions, bad behavior, bad health, bad relationships, and bad results. We do not want anything from the bad or negative category of things in life. This category is the result of the influence of the characteristics of the neutron.

The third category is not very noticeable in life by many because it does not change life much. When there is an absence of good and positive or bad and negative then we see the rise of the characteristic of the electron which has constant speedy movement and movement that looks like it gives shape or cover to the atom. This continuous movement characteristic of electron and providing outer body kind of look to an atom is expressed in human life through doing things that provide things for self. Generally, people under this category are selfish and do not think about anything else than their self-interest. Most of the time they do not even care about the good or bad result of their selfish act. People under the influence of this category like to move constantly. Calmness and stability do not attract them. It is very hard for them not to think about their own interest in everything they do.

As we know proton, neutron and electron work together in an atom. Similarly, the influence of their characteristics in our life works in combination. All the three influences are extremely important to make life happy, safe and fulfilling. Only good thoughts will not protect you, at times you need to be aggressive and thinking of self-interest. We will not be able to develop in life if we try to eliminate or dormant the influences of neutron and electron. All the three influences are extremely crucial. However, the controlling influence should be of proton so you can manage your neutron and electron influences with wisdom.

Generally, each one of us has one prominent influence and two subordinate influences. The primary influence keeps the other two influences under its control. For e.g. people who get angry very quickly or are criminal minded do at times realize that what they are doing is bad and they want to change and do positive, good things but those thoughts do not remain with them for long they get controlled by the negative influence of neutron constantly and make them act accordingly. Their inner driving force is controlled by the neutron. On the other hand, people under proton influence may get bad, harmful thoughts but they will never act on it because their inner driving force is controlled by proton.

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