Characteristics of Consciousness

Here are the 17 Characteristics of consciousness as given the book Consciousness: The Origin of the Universe by Madhukar Sonawane.


  1.  Consciousness is the origin.
  2.  Consciousness is the ultimate, final existence.
  3.  Consciousness is eternal, neither gets created nor destroyed.
  4.  Consciousness is the intelligence of the universe.
  5.  Consciousness is omniscient.
  6.  Consciousness has no density or dimensions.
  7.  There is no time, distance and speed in consciousness because it does not have density.
  8.  Consciousness is present. It does not have past and future.
  9.  Consciousness is all-inclusive and omnipresent.
  10.  The universe exists in consciousness.
  11.  Consciousness is infinite outside the universe.
  12.  There is an infinite universe in consciousness.
  13.  Consciousness is an inactive form of existence.
  14.  Consciousness is in a state of eternal peace.
  15.  The everlasting experience of intense and supreme pleasure exists in consciousness.
  16.  Consciousness is not miraculous or supernatural power but it is greater, strange  power and
  17.  Consciousness is bound by its own rules and principles

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