Types of personalities based on proton, neutron, and Electron Influences

As per scientific way of life, there are three types of personalities. Proton personality, neutron personality, and electron personality. You must have heard about so many different personality types before. Like introvert/extrovert, Rational/emotional, type A/Type B, explorer, analyst, Sagittarius, Leo, blue, green, brown etc. and the basis of their categorization.

We are made of atoms and atoms are made of proton, neutron, and electrons. The personality types in the scientific way of life are categorized based on the proton, neutron, and electron influences on our thinking process and lives. We are made of electron, proton, and neutron so their influences on our body are the most fundamental influences. These constituents influence our thought process and our thought influences our actions hence our life.

In proton personality, people are under the strong influence of proton characteristics. Proton is an intelligence in the atom because it defines atom. Various numerical combinations of proton define what type of atom we are looking at. Proton has the positive charge. So people with proton influence on their thought process are wise, constructive, and positive. Things work out easily for them. They remain protected in their life and they are successful in what they want to do in their life. Wisdom is the most prominent characteristic of the people with proton personality.

Under neutron personality, the neutron is very strong. Neutron is a charge less constituent of the atom. It cannot keep its existence longer without connecting to proton. If it is left alone then it dies or decays. Because of its decay characteristic is very strong, it is used in nuclear bombs. When people have the strong influence of neutron on their thought process, they get angry very quickly, they are negative, intolerant and create problems for themselves and others. They constantly get into trouble; bad luck never leaves them.

The electron personality does not appear by itself. It comes only when the influence of proton and neutron are weak, allowing the presence of electron to be felt strongly. In atom, electron constantly moves with tremendous speed. It also acts as an outer cover to an atom. Its charge is negative which is opposite of proton charge. When the influence of proton and neutron weakens on the thought process, the influence of electron takes over and becomes strong. Under influence of electron on the through the process, people constantly like to move. They do not like stillness, they have to keep doing something. They also focus highly on their self-interest. They can do anything to get things for themselves.

These three personality types do not act in isolation they work together always. If you have one strong influencing personality type does not mean you have wiped out the influences of other two. Electron, proton, and neutron are an integral part of the atom and they work with each other to keep the existence of that atom. So we need all three constituents to live our lives.

In proton personality, proton controls the influences of neutron and electron. In neutron personality, neutron controls other two. And when Proton and electron and weak electron becomes strong and whoever is less weak among proton or neutron, it gets directed by those.

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