In Scientific Way of Life Proton, Neutron and Electrons and their influences on the human body, thinking and life are considered as the fundamental influences of life.

Following the scientific way of life means abiding by the scientific rules and principles of fundamental constituents of an atom to strengthen the influence of proton on our thinking and actions.

Proton is the positive, constructive and intelligence constituent in an atom, it defines the type of atom. Neutron is a destructive, negative, decaying constituent of an atom. Electron continuously moves and also provides body to an atom. We are made of electron, proton, and neutron and what we eat and what we do decides if we are going to have strong proton influence, neutron or electron influence in our thinking. Under strong influence proton, people think in a positive, constructive, wise and intelligence way. Their actions are aligning to that type of thinking. Under the influence of neutron, people think negative, destructive, angry and harmful way, and their behavior reflects that. Under neutron influence, people care only for their self-interest and they are continuously on move. They cannot sit at one place. These three influences do not work in isolation instead they work

These three influences do not work in isolation. They all work together but there is always of the strong primary influence which controls the other two influences.

The objective of the scientific way of life is to strengthen the proton influence on the inner driving force and the thinking process.